New Vessels added to our fleet in 2015 – 20/12/2015



2015, was a year when CTM was proud to welcome 18 new vessels into our fleet of this number there are 15 Supramaxes, 1 Panamax and 2 Capesizes. We are proud to welcome these ships and their crews to CTM, long may their course be true and profitable. We would like to thank our partners & clients for their continued trust in our services and abilities.

The new Panamax is the Bulk Sweden, the 2 new Capesize vessels are the Sister ships Red Cherry & Red Sage and the 15 New Supramaxes are the following:

  • Aquaprosper
  • Magia
  • Nautical Elisabeth
  • Nautical Hilary
  • Nautical Jennifer
  • Nautical Loredana
  • Nautical Lucia
  • Nautical Marie
  • Nautical Runa
  • Nautical Sif
  • Navios La Paix
  • Navios Venus
  • Red Azalea
  • Red Cosmos
  • Red Orchid


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All vessels displayed are independently managed with different shareholdings and not related to any other vessels managed by C Transport Maritime S.A.M.

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