First Biannual Supramax RSA meeting of 2017

The First Biannual Meeting of the CTM Supramax Revenue Sharing Agreement in 2017

Last Thursday (4th of May 2017), CTM had our Biannual Supramax RSA meeting which was hosted by Ionic at their offices in Athens, Greece. When we first started our biannual meetings in 2013 the Supramax RSA had five members and six ships, today we have grown to fourteen members and more than sixty ships, with Golden Ocean Limited, Castleton Commodities (CCI) and GoodBulk Ltd all joining since January of this year (2017).

The meeting consisted of a presentation from CTM on the current state of the RSA, its trading patterns and operations. It was followed by a presentation by Fearnleys on the current state of the Dry Bulk market, which was highly informative and we thank them for coming along to the meeting.

Most of the RSA members had a representative present who made the trip to this meeting in Athens. This meeting was lead by the following CTM members; John Michael Radziwill, Luigi Pulcini, Carlos Pena and Giorgio Ferrari. All came back saying that they had a great time and that Ionic were the perfect hosts, we look forward to the next meeting later this year. These meetings are held at RSA members home basis with past meetings having taken place in Antwerp, Singapore, Monaco and London. Our team managed to take some photographs from the event.


Michael Saverys from Bocimar & Sverre Syberg from Golden Ocean


Tom Hewitson from CCI & Jorgen Nielsen from Fearnleys


Nicholas Meer from J P Morgan, Dimitri Saracakis from Ionic with Carlos Pena from CTM, Michael Saverys from Bocimar & Sverre Syberg from Golden Ocean











Sotiris Zois from Clarksons with Michalis Rizos & Efi Alexandridi from Navios


Joachim Zeppenfeld & Alexander Buchard from BBG with Sypros Vlassopoulos & Thanassis Davakis from CCI with Sverre Svenning from Fearnleys


Giorgio Ferrari & Luigi Pulcini from CTM with Sotiris Zois from Clarksons












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