500 Fixtures and going strong

Supramax RSA surpasses 500 fixtures

CTM’s Supramax Revenue Sharing Agreement (RSA) has reached another milestone. We are proud to announce that, last week, we concluded our 500th fixture since the beginning of the year putting us on track to exceed last year’s number of fixtures by 20%.

Since the beginning of the year we have fixed an average of 47 trips per month, i.e. about 11-12 fixtures per week, and loaded a total of 24 million tonnes of cargo on RSA vessels (already exceeding the full 2019 figure) out of which around 30% was agricultural products, 25% was coal, 30% was minor bulk commodities and only 15% was dirty cargoes. 

The RSA currently stands at 82 vessels and 22 members, its largest size since inception in 2013.

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