Panamax RSA

Panamax Revenue Sharing Agreement

Following on from the success of our Supramax Revenue Sharing Agreement (RSA), in  March 2016 CTM launched our Panamax RSA. We brought the same package to the Panamax sector coupling our leading management services with a competitive pricing structure. This allows us to bring the benefits of economies of scale and a globally positioned fleet offering a better service to our clients.

All vessels placed with the Panamax RSA are run on the spot market and managed directly by CTM, bringing our expertise in Operational and Commercial management at very little cost. We operate a flexible structure; meaning that we have made the RSA simple to enter and exit in order to allow Owners operational flexibility over their vessel(s).

Flexibility without unnecessary Costs

  • No Daily Administration Fees are charged to the members of the RSA, only a 1.25% commission.

  • NO withdrawal fees

  • Flexible 3 months exit notice

Facts and figures of CTM spot managed fleet today

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    84,500 dwt

    Average DWT

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    3 Years

    Average Age

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    76,000 – 95,000

    Vessel Sizes (dwt)

Vessels in the Panamax RSA
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RINA ISA 9001 - ISO 14001
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