Our Code of Business Conduct

This is how we conduct business

“At CTM, the success of our business is dependent on the trust and confidence from our shareholders, customers and employees. We seek to maximise our customers’ interest in an ethical, fair and competitive manner complying with laws and regulations of the jurisdictions of where we do business.”

Trust and reputation are important assets for an international company which operates in many economic, social and political contexts.

Ethical business conduct is critical to our business and a shared responsibility of all stakeholders of C Transport Maritime S.A.M. (hereinafter “CTM”).

Who does the Code of Business Conduct apply to?

This Code of Business Conduct (hereinafter “Code”) applies to anyone conducting business on behalf of CTM and seeks to promote:

  • Honest and transparent conduct including the ethical handling of actual or apparent conflicts of interest between personal and professional relationships;
  • Compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations of the jurisdictions of where CTM does business;
  • Integrity of our financial information.

CTM is committed to conducting its business in accordance with fair behavior avoiding unethical or illegal conduct.

The Code does not cover every issue that may arise, but it sets out basic principles and a methodology to help guide you in the attainment of this common goal.

Every event will be treated with due care by CTM management.


The primary objective of CTM is to create value for the shareholders and customers.

The success of our business is dependent on the trust and confidence both shareholders and customers bear on us.

In following this objective CTM must comply with these essential principles:

  • We pursue excellence in the market place offering quality services;
  • We always seek to conduct our business on an ethical, fair and competitive manner;
  • We are committed to respecting all laws and regulations applicable wherever we do business and to following principles such as honesty, transparency and loyalty;
  • We impose consequences for any misapplication of these principles;
  • We carefully consider any reports or signals of violations of this Code.

Share Holders & Customers



We respect for individuals and for the differences between people and cultures.
We recognise the fundamental dignity of man and treat people with greatest care, we abide by local communities in which we operate.


Everyone conducting business on behalf of CTM shall avoid any relationship or activity that might impair, or appear to impair, ability to objective and appropriate business decisions and must never use or attempt to use their position with the Company to obtain improper personal benefits for themselves.


CTM is committed to the value of fair competition.

Business relations with customers and suppliers require attention to competition rules wherever we do business. We are committed to make a positive contribution to society and to establish and maintain fair and trusted business relations with all our business partners.


CTM executives should exhibit and promote their personal integrity and courage to uphold their convictions by doing things they perceive as right despite pressures favouring the opposite.


Everyone is responsible for complying with laws, rules and regulations in different countries that apply to CTM’s business.

CTM adheres to maintain good relations with local and international Authorities based on full cooperation and transparency

We abide by all international laws, treaties, regulations and existing ant bribery practices.



People are basic assets in the company’s life. The professional contribution of both Company employees and crew personnel, in a context of mutual fair and trust, is the essential ingredient for success.
CTM is committed in promoting safe and stable workplace for all company employees.


All business data must be truthful and traceable; we create, retain and dispose of all our records in compliance with regulatory and legal requirements.

CTM maintain’s complete and accurate financial records, ensuring that all transactions are properly, accurately and fairly recorded in a single set of books. We provide true and accurate accounts for our customers and ourselves, which are audited by one of the top independent auditing firms.


CTM is committed in preventing any illicit acts designed to deceive or mislead others. Employees shall only make use of CTM property and assets for business purposes.

We are committed in proper use of all clients’ assets and in their maintenance required.


CTM activities shall be carried out in compliance with applicable health and safety, environmental procedures, international standards and laws, regulations and national practices of the countries where it operates and to which the flags belong.

According to the provisions of ISM Code, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Standards as well as to national and international rules and all applicable legal requirements, CTM is committed to comply with requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the integrated QSE Management System and ensure that the QSE management system is documented, implemented and maintained within the organisation.