Supramax RSA

Supramax Revenue Sharing Agreement

The Process

In CTM’s Supramax Revenue Sharing Agreement (RSA), all of the vessels are run together and the incomes generated are distributed to the members according to the revenue earning capabilities of their vessels within the Agreement.

  • A Revenue Sharing Key establishes the relative theoretical earning capacity of each Member Vessel on a time charter basis (based on the description of that Member Vessel)
  • The vessel is assessed by CTM’s chartering managers on the basis of tradability and performances (Dwt, Cubic Capacity, Draft, Service, eco speed & consumption, grabs etc) and a Revenue Sharing Key is established.
  • The Key is calculated on the basis of the 10 Supramax index routes as published by the Baltic Exchange and based on the RSA Matrix (covers WW trading).
  • Vessel performances are constantly being monitored and in the case that a vessel is over/under performing the Revenue Sharing Key is then reassessed.

Flexibility without unnecessary Costs

No Daily Administration Fees are charged to the members of the RSA, only a 1.25% commission.
NO withdrawal fees
Flexible 3 months exit notice

Facts and figures of CTM spot managed fleet today


Average DWT

6 Years

Average Age

50,000 - 64,000

Vessel Sizes

Tonnage carried in 2020

World Class Operator

World class operator provides hassle free chartering of vessels

Collective Intelligence

More vessels = increased information and more opportunities


Diversification by charterer so as to spread any potential counter-party risk

Spot Market

All chartering to be done on the spot market

Long Standing Experience

Long standing chartering experience with major operators/charterers

Commercial Management

Round the clock commercial management, chartering and operations

Number of RSA Members

Number of Vessels in the Pool

RSA Cargoes % carried in 2020

Ship Name Deadweight Vessel Type Year Built Shipyard Flag  
CMB Van Dijck 65,395 Supramax 2020 Shin Kasado Panama
Nautical Anne 63,593 Supramax 2016 Jiangsu Hantong Liberia
Nautical Runa 63,577 Supramax 2015 Jiangsu Hantong Liberia
Nautical Loredana 63,556 Supramax 2015 Jiangsu Hantong Liberia
Nautical Hilary 63,530 Supramax 2015 Jiangsu Hantong Liberia
CMB Rubens 63,514 Supramax 2018 Imabari Marshall Isl.
Nautical Alice 63,514 Supramax 2016 Jiangsu Hantong Liberia
Nautical Lucia 63,501 Supramax 2015 Jiangsu Hantong Liberia
Daimongate 63,496 Supramax 2017 Imabari Liberia
Bulk Bolivia 63,465 Supramax 2016 Imabari Panama
CMB Jordaens 63,447 Supramax 2019 Imabari Panama
Nautical Georgia 63,436 Supramax 2017 Jiangsu Hantong Liberia
Nautical Madison 63,371 Supramax 2018 Jiangsu Hantong Liberia
Belinda 63,338 Supramax 2016 Hantong Norway
Sage Amazon 63,301 Supramax 2012 Yangzhou Liberia
Sage Sanaga 63,301 Supramax 2013 Yangzhou Liberia
All Star Atlas 63,250 Supramax 2014 Yangzhou Dayang Marshall Isl.
Oslo Venture 63,234 Supramax 2015 Chengxi Hong Kong
CL Zhuang He 63,055 Supramax 2020 New Dayang Shipbuilding Hong Kong
Red Orchid 61,645 Supramax 2015 NACKS Panama
Amis Wisdom I 61,611 Supramax 2010 Oshima Panama
Devongate 61,517 Supramax 2014 Dalian Liberia
Bulk Guatemala 61,446 Supramax 2013 Imabari Panama
Navios Venus 61,339 Supramax 2015 Iwagi Zosen Panama
Red Azalea 61,299 Supramax 2015 Imabari Panama
Golden Glint 61,297 Supramax 2015 Imabari Marshall Isl.
Victoria T 61,266 Supramax 2017 Toyohashi Panama
Red Daisy 61,254 Supramax 2016 Imabari Panama
Armonia.GR 61,242 Supramax 2016 Imabari Panama
CMB Chikako 61,229 Supramax 2014 Imabari Panama
FJ Star 61,225 Supramax 2016 Toyohashi Panama
Olympia.Gr 61,222 Supramax 2018 Shin Kurushima Panama
Aquaprosper 61,208 Supramax 2015 Imabari Liberia
Amis Star 61,123 Supramax 2019 DACKS Liberia
Ionic Unicorn 60,425 Supramax 2016 MES Marshall Isl.
Atalanti.GR 60,394 Supramax 2019 MES Panama
Golden Cecile 60,263 Supramax 2015 JMU Hong Kong
Golden Cathrine 60,263 Supramax 2015 JMU Hong Kong
Red Sakura 60,245 Supramax 2017 Oshima Singapore
Areti.Gr 60,243 Supramax 2017 Oshima Panama
Medi Segesta 58,730 Supramax 2009 Tsuneishi Cebu Panama
Furness Victoria 58,648 Supramax 2012 KHI Panama
Amis Orchid 58,120 Supramax 2012 Tsuneishi Panama
Medi Hakata 58,078 Supramax 2014 Toyohashi Panama
Golden Hawk 58,068 Supramax 2015 Toyohashi Panama
Teresa Oetker 58,018 Supramax 2010 Yangzhou Dayang Liberia
ST Paul 57,982 Supramax 2010 Tsuneishi Cebu Marshall Isl.
Bulk Honduras 57,959 Supramax 2012 Tsuneishi Cebu Liberia
ST George 57,959 Supramax 2012 Tsuneishi Cebu Marshall Isl.
ST Pinot 57,949 Supramax 2013 Tsuneishi Cebu Marshall Isl.
Sage Symphony 57,949 Supramax 2012 Tsuneishi Cebu Liberia
Bulk Ecuador 57,937 Supramax 2011 Tsuneishi Cebu Liberia
Bulk Curacao 57,937 Supramax 2011 Tsuneishi Cebu Panama
Bulk Uruguay 57,937 Supramax 2011 Tsuneishi Cebu Liberia
Medi Yokohama 57,905 Supramax 2014 Tsuneishi Zhoushan Panama
Medi Manila 57,903 Supramax 2014 Tsuneishi Zhoushan Panama
Serene Jessica 57,275 Supramax 2010 STX Dalian Bahamas
Serene Juniper 57,185 Supramax 2011 STX Bahamas
Sea Star 56,951 Supramax 2014 Jiangdong Marshall Isl.
SFL Yukon 56,869 Supramax 2010 Xiamen Hong Kong
SFL Sara 56,856 Supramax 2011 Xiamen Hong Kong
SFL Hudson 56,835 Supramax 2009 Jiangsu Hantong Marshall Isl.
Nordic Harbin 56,754 Supramax 2011 Yangzhou Guoyu Liberia
CS Sonoma 56,704 Supramax 2010 Jiangsu Hantong Bahamas
Serenitas N 56,644 Supramax 2011 Yangzhou Guoyo Marshall Isl.
Nordic Tianjin 56,517 Supramax 2012 Yangzhou Guoyu Liberia
Ionic Spirit 56,119 Supramax 2010 MES Marshall Isl.
Bulk Phoenix 56,088 Supramax 2013 MES Panama
Aquitania 55,932 Supramax 2006 MES United Kingdom
E.R Bristol 55,659 Supramax 2011 Hyundai Mipo Liberia
E.R. Bordeaux 55,621 Supramax 2011 Hyundai Mipo Liberia
Medi Paestum 55,614 Supramax 2009 MES Marshall Isl.
Antoine 55,498 Supramax 2009 MES Marshall Isl.
Amis Fortune 55,468 Supramax 2015 KHI Panama
Medi Bangkok 53,466 Supramax 2006 Imabari Marshall Isl.
S’hail Al Ruwais 52,817 Supramax 2001 Onomichi Qatar
S’hail Al Doha 52,455 Supramax 2002 Tseuneishi Cebu Qatar
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