Our Mission

our corporate mission statement
“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

- Walt Disney

Going Forward Together, is the vision that CTM has had since our formation and it is this ideal of forward-thinking, that has been essential in guiding our goals, principles and beliefs. Since we first opened our Monaco offices in 2004, we have used these three words as the very foundation of the work we do every day for our partners and clients. The end result of all this was the creation of our corporate mission statement that encompasses all that we are and what we seek to achieve every day.

We Are CTM

At CTM we have chosen to specialize in the shipping industry by offering our leading management services to our partners and clients. Our objective is and always has been to be recognized as the company that lives up to our promises and delivers on them. Always looking forward, examining where we can add new services and products to the outstanding services that we currently offer. Doing so allows CTM to constantly focus on where the market is going and how we can continue to provide exceeding value to our clients and shareholders. All this allows us to step ever closer to our goal of being recognized as the foremost shipping company in our sector.

Our Greatest Asset

When asked what our greatest asset is? The answer is very simple… it’s our people, this group of unique, highly skilled and dedicated individuals that make CTM who we are. Working in a highly stressful and at times difficult marketplace satisfying the needs of our partners, clients and shareholders requires remarkable levels of composure and cooperation. Here at CTM, we know that the only way forward is by working together and respecting each other’s contribution and importance.

What is Success for CTM?

Success for CTM is very simply the end result for our clients, partners and shareholders and delivering on our promises to them. Coupling this conviction with our risk assessment strategies and sound financial planning no matter what happens in the market allows us to achieve this goal. Our expectations are for CTM’s continued prosperity and to offer long-term benefits to our partners, clients and employees, always Going Forward Together.