Commercial Services

“It is not the ship, so much as the skillful sailing, that assures the prosperous voyage"

- George William Curtis

Commercial Activities

CTM’s Commercial Management Team has over 100 years’ experience between them, combined with the drive and dedication to tackle whatever may come our way. This provides CTM with the capability to weather any storm in the market place. Having been operating under the CTM banner since 2004, our aim has always been not to simply compete at, but to be at the forefront of our chosen disciplines. This is in part how we continue to be successful and how we have chosen to operate in the market. Always aiming to achieve the very best results for our shareholders and clients with the goal of providing the foremost efficient management service in the shipping industry, covering all aspects of shipping and vessel management in both dry bulk and tanker sectors.


Utilising our knowledge of the market place with due diligence, we seek to maximise on returns whilst reducing any risk before deciding on a Time or Voyage charter for vessels under our management.
We also have over 20 years’ experience in securing and performing COAs for our Clients.

Forward Freight Agreements (FFA’s)

CTM’s has been trading Forward Freight Agreements (FFA’s) since 2004. Our activity on the FFA’s has made us one of the most active groups in this area of the market, whilst covering all sectors of dry interests; Capesize, Panamax and Supramax.

Sale & Purchase

With CTM’s years of experience in getting the best value for our clients, we have built up close relationships with both shipyards and brokers across the world. Be it new builds, second hand vessels or scrapping, our team knows how to get the best deal for our clients.

Tanker Management

CTM has been overseeing the commercial operations of its tankers since 2007, when the Radziwill family entered into a joint venture with Euronav on a number of Suezmaxes. In 2016 control of these vessels was split evenly between CTM and Euronav. Along with the tankers acquired in the split, CTM has also time chartered-in some other Suezmaxes, managing them on both a commercial and operational basis in house.

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an Ocean” – Ryunosuke Satoro

Our Pools

CTM has been operating the Supramax Revenue Sharing Agreement (RSA) as of 2013. Since then we have also created our Panamax RSA and become a founding member of the Capesize Chartering Ltd., (CCL) as we continuously seek to increase cooperation within the dry bulk market.
We believe that little by little, we can reduce fragmentation and inefficiencies that will ultimately lead to lower costs and a better bottom line for all involved.


  • Director Handymax – Post Panamax
  • Joined CTM: 2004
  • Direct Line: +377 97 98 59 43


  • Director Capesize – VLOCs
  • Joined CTM: 2004
  • Direct Line: +377 97 98 59 57

De Benedictis

  • Director Sale & Purchase
  • Joined CTM: 2004
  • Direct Line: +377 97 98 59 54


  • Director of Tankers
  • Joined CTM: 2014
  • Direct Line: +377 97 98 59 41
Graziano Verani - CTM - Commercial Management

Verani Masin

  • Supramax & Panamax Chartering
  • Joined CTM: 2004
  • Direct Line: +377 97 98 59 83
Enrico Mantero - CTM - Commercial Management


  • Supramax Chartering & FFA’s
  • Joined CTM: 2005
  • Direct Line: +377 97 98 59 37
Andrea Novellini - CTM - Commercial Management


  • Supramax Chartering
  • Joined CTM: 2004
  • Direct Line: +377 97 98 59 80
Camillo Castagnola


  • Supramax Chartering
  • Joined CTM: 2017
  • Direct Line: +377 97 98 59 50


  • Risk Manager
  • Joined CTM: 2004


  • Risk Manager
  • Joined CTM: 2004
Lora Iakovidi - CTM - Analyst


  • Senior Analyst
  • Joined CTM: 2012


  • Analyst
  • Joined CTM: 2014
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