York Overseas SA Rejoins Supramax RSA

York Overseas SA Rejoins CTM's Supramax Pool

C Transport Maritime S.A.M is very happy to welcome York Overseas SA back to our Supramax RSA. York Overseas first joined the Supramax RSA in July 2020 and left the pool in September 2023. Only seven months after leaving, they returned, adding the M/V Belatlantic to the RSA fleet. The M/V Belatlantic is built in 2016 at Hantong with a deadweight capacity of 63,317 dwt. York Overseas Ltd’s General Manager Camillo Castagnola had this to say on their decision to rejoin the Supramax RSA:

“We at York Overseas are excited to return to the Supramax RSA . As charterers in an ever-changing industry, we deem it essential to protect ourselves against market volatility, and we find no better way to do this than participating in CTM’s Supramax pool. Furthermore, the added benefit of a close relationship with all the other pool members and CTM’s team perfectly complements the already extraordinary results of the pool.”

York Overseas SA is not the first member to have left the Supramax RSA, because of movements in their own fleet, only to come back at a later stage. York Overseas’ decision to rejoin our Supramax pool is testament of its solid outperformance vs the Baltic Supramax Index over the years (over 70% of the time) and underscores the inherent advantages of the RSA such as its unparalleled flexibility (no minimum duration, only a three-month exit notice), absence of withdrawal fees and zero daily administration fees (we only charge a 1.25% commission). This structure ensures a seamless and cost-effective operation for all our members.

For over 10 years, our partners, clients and friends have helped us make the Supramax RSA a truly exceptional platform. These relationships have been instrumental in making us one of the leading managers of dry bulk vessels for the past 20 years, and they continue to be the cornerstone of our operations.


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