BIMCO’s Gulf of Guinea Declaration on Piracy

CTM signs up to BIMCO's Gulf of Guinea declaration on Suppression of Piracy

CTM are pleased to announce that we have joined BIMCO’s new anti-piracy initiative by signing up to their Gulf of Guinea (GoG) declaration on the Suppression of Piracy. We along with over 320 other maritime companies, institutions and authorities from around the world have come together to put an end to piracy in the Gulf of Guinea. BIMCO states on their website that “Every person deserves to be safe while carrying out their work, and to be able to return to their homes without being victims of violent crime. Seafarers deserve no less.” At CTM we have always put the safety and the needs of our crews first. This is why we have a 95% retention rate with the seafarers who have sailed under our colours.

By signing this declaration we along with larger the seafaring community demand that no seafarer should face the possibility of being kidnapped or having their lives put at risk whilst operating in the Gulf of Guinea. The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) states that piracy in the Gulf of Guinea accounts for nearly half (43%) of the worlds reported piracy incidents. This year has already seen over 40 crew kidnapped in the Gulf and at least one crew member has tragically died at the hands of pirates operating in the area. We send our thoughts and prayers to all those who have been impacted by piracy in the Gulf of Guinea and around the world.

It is our hope that this will increase awareness of the dangers that seafarers face from piracy. That governments around the world will step up to their efforts to end this threat to life and trade once and for all. Seafarers have enough things to worry about at sea and piracy should no longer be one of them. We condemn any and all acts of piracy that take place not just in the Gulf of Guinea but around the world. 

C TRANSPORT MARITIME S.A.M. (CTM) is a highly qualified and experienced vessel management company primarily in the dry cargo ocean transportation industry. Established in Monaco in 2004, the company has strong Greek and Italian shipping roots that reach back over a century. CTM currently manages a fleet of over 200 dry cargo vessels at any point in time in the Handymax up to Capesize segments.


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