CTM & Complexio sign Foundational AI partnership

C Transport Maritime S.A.M (CTM) has joined Hafnia and Símbolo as a partner in, Foundational AI company, Complexio.

Foundational AI’s main focus is to enable human-machine collaboration by connecting to all areas of a company’s infrastructure and providing a centralised hub that serves as the primary point of AI-driven analysis and decision-making. This transformational approach takes the role of AI from isolated applications in separate departments to build a unified, integrated system that enhances the entire organisation’s performance and productivity.

In the past 15 years, the amount of data created has grown by a factor of 60. Additionally, companies have, on average, 300 additional tools and systems that access, use and add to this data daily. Harnessing the power and opportunity of this combined complexity can provide better, more usable information for improved decision-making.

John Michael Radziwill, CTM’s Chief Executive Officer, had this to say on the growing importance of technology: “We are living in the era of big data, it has become its own entity and commodity. Those who can best manage and understand their own data will handle current and future challenges best. This is our next step as we continue to add services that our members, clients, and employees will benefit from for years to come.”

Carlos Pena, CTM’s Chief Commercial Officer, spoke on the importance of integrating AI into the company: “Since the company opened its doors 20 years ago, technological expertise has been at the core of our business practices. In 2021, we launched our Revenue Sharing Agreement “RSA” App to provide our pool members with real-time performance information on their vessels. Our partnership with Complexio is a big step forward in setting ourselves up for a world powered by AI. This collaboration will further empower our employees, equipping them with a powerful tool to aid their decision-making, saving them time by eliminating recurring tasks and improving their efficiency.” 

Complexio’s Foundational AI is the result of three years of integrated research and development within market-leading companies, gaining full access to their historical and real-time company data.

“We are already providing a transformational leap for our partners in how they interact with their data and systems,” says Complexio’s Chief Executive Officer Matthew Talbot. “We are the only Foundational AI platform that works with whole company data. Through this, we can establish

relationships between everything and build a map that charts and understands exactly how entire business activities are carried out. The next step is automating this.”

Everyone at CTM is looking forward to learning from the new processes and the greater analysis that Complexio will bring.


About C Transport Maritime 

C TRANSPORT MARITIME S.A.M. (CTM) is a highly qualified and experienced vessel management company operating primarily in the dry cargo ocean transportation industry. Established in Monaco in 2004, the company is today one of the largest ship management companies globally managing a fleet of over 150 vessels at any point in time in the Handysize up to Newcastlemax segments. CTM provides chartering, sale and purchase, operations and technical management of dry bulk vessels, as well as managing some of the most long-standing and successful pools in the sector.

About Complexio 

Complexio is a joint venture between Hafnia, in partnership with Marfin Management, C Transport Maritime, Trans Sea Transport and BW Epic Kosan and Símbolo.  

They defined Foundational AI. They work with existing systems to ingest, understand, and map whole company data, enabling automation and improved decision-making. 


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