CTM Welcomes New Member to Supramax RSA

CTM Welcomes Forra Ultramax AS to Supramax RSA

CTM is pleased to announce that Forra Ultramax AS recently joined our Supramax Revenue Sharing Agreement (RSA). They will be adding one vessel to the pool, and another vessel will potentially join later.

Current Supramax RSA members will be adding more ships to the pool in the coming months. Stone Shipping is adding two vessels in May, CBC will add their latest new build in June and in July CTM Ltd will add a new building of their own.

CTM’s Supramax RSA is the largest and most flexible Supramax pool on the market today with a fleet of between 50-60 vessels. Our pool delivers unparalleled flexibility without any unnecessary costs. We only require a 2-week entry notice and a maximum 3-month exit notice with zero withdrawal fees and daily admission fees we only charge our members a 1.25% commission. 

For over 10 years we have delivered outstanding results to our Supramax RSA members, concluding 3,300 fixtures and managing close to 200 different vessels. In the past 5 years, we have outperformed the market by 5%, and in 2022, our performance was +8% compared to the benchmark index.

Find out more about the Supramax RSA here: https://ctmmc.com/pools/supramax/ 


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