M/V Aquaexplorer Assists In Rescue

M/V Aquaexplorer Aids in Rescue of 27 Crew from F/V Olivia Marie

We are happy to report that on Friday 14th of April, whilst transiting through South African waters close to St Helena Bay, the crew of the M/V Aquaexplorer aided with the rescue of 27 crew members from the fishing vessel F/V Olivia Marie.

The M/V Aquaexplorer had been alerted by Cape Town’s Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) at roughly 0045 local time/2245 UTC that the F/V Olivia Marie was on fire and needed assistance. Given that the M/V Aquaexplorer was only 1.9 nautical miles from the F/V Olivia Marie’s position she was the closest vessel in the area. Having been informed of this the M/V Aquaexplorer’s crew immediately responded to the alert and went to the rescue of their fellow seafarers in their moment of need.

By the time the M/V Aquaexplorer arrived on scene, the F/V Olivia Marie was completely engulfed in flames and all her 27 crew had safely abandoned ship with no injuries or casualties awaiting rescue in the ship’s life raft.

The crew of the M/V Aquaexplorer coordinated with other vessels in the area, with many offering to aid in any way they could and not too long after ensuring the safety of the crew of the F/V Olivia Marie. The fishing vessel F/V Umfondini arrived to retrieve the crew and take them safely back to shore.

We are very proud of the M/V Aquaexplorer’s captain and crew for their actions as they went above and beyond in aiding the safe return of F/V Olivia Marie’s crew to their families. This is a testament to the professionalism and training of the crews under our management.  


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