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The new Stone Shipping Ltd. website is live

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Stone Shipping Ltd website. Stone Shipping was founded in 2019 by C Transport Maritime S.A.M (CTM) as an investment vehicle for investors looking to access the dry bulk charter-in market.  

This is our next step to opening up the exciting world of the charter-in market to any and all investors, a sector of the dry bulk market that is typically closed. Backed by CTM’s 17 year history of excellence as a leading manager in the dry bulk sector we are making our expertise, superior commercial capabilities, and industry network available to those investors looking to explore the dry bulk charter-in market. 

We have built a model tailored for investors seeking exposure to the dry bulk market that capitalises on the volatility and dislocation in the physical and FFA markets. Stone Shipping already has a good track record with this model and in our two years of operation, we have raised $15 million for three privately invested funds. Returns have been in line with and above expected targets. Stone Shipping’s fourth fund will start its capital raising in Q1 2022.

For more information on Stone Shipping Ltd visit and find out more about this new venture.

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