Supramax RSA Update Jul-Aug 2019

C Transport Maritime S.A.M is pleased to announce that four of our current members have added seven more vessels to the Supramax RSA in July and August 2019.

  • Chandris (Hellas) added the M/V Serene Juniper (57,185 dwt, 2011 built at STX Dalian).
  • D’Amico Group added the M/V Medi Hakata (58,078 dwt, 2014 built at Shin Kurushima) , M/V Medi Manila (57,903 dwt, 2014 built at Tsuneishi Zhoushan), M/V Medi Yokohama (57,905 dwt, 2014 built at Tshuneishi Zhoushan) and the M/V Medi Segesta (58,730 dwt, 2009 built at Tsuneishi Cebu).
  • M/Maritime added the M/V Olympia.GR (61,222 dwt, 2018 built at Shin Kurushima).
  • S’hail Shipping added the M/V S’hail al Ruwais (52,817 dwt, 2001 built at Onomichi).

The above vessels have joined the fleet bringing the number of vessels in the RSA to around 70 from 17 different members.

We thank our partners, clients and friends for reinforcing their confidence in CTM and the Supramax RSA and entrusting us with your most prized assets. Our aim is to provide the best service that we can, continue to build your trust in us and ensure that we create value and return better and better results with each and every fixture.


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