Supramax RSA cargoes more than double year-on-year in 2016

Supramax RSA cargoes more than double year-on-year in 2016

In the four years since C Transport Maritime S.A.M (CTM) first launched the Supramax Revenue Sharing Agreement (RSA), we have gone from strength to strength, which considering the state of the market in the past few years is no small feat. With now 56 vessels as part of the Supramax RSA and currently 15 members with Castleton Commodities International (CCI) having signed up recently. In tandem, cargo volumes carried by the fleet have increased robustly over the last couple of years.

When looking at 2016 from the RSA’s perspective we have the quote Frank Sinatra, as “it was a very good year” indeed. Especially when comparing the number of cargoes carried in 2015 to last year (2016). In 2015 vessels in the RSA, under CTM’s management carried around 7.7 million metric tonnes (mt) of various dry bulk cargoes all over the world. With the increase in the number of vessels in the RSA from twenty-two at the beginning of 2015 to fifty one by the end of 2016 this also resulted in an increase in cargo volumes carried. In 2016 the RSA carried around 16.5 million metric tonnes or more than double than during the previous year.

We saw a large increase in the amounts of certain cargoes that we shipped, of all the cargoes that we shipped we have chosen three to point out as these saw the greatest increase in volume. Coal, was the main cargo that vessels in the RSA carried at close to 4 million metric tonnes a 319% increase year on year. We also shipped a lot more iron ore in 2016 close to 880,000 metric tonnes a 348% increase on the previous year. Sugar was the other cargo that we saw a larger demand for in 2016. Vessels in the RSA carried close to 650,000 metric tonnes of sugar in 2016 an increase of 280% from 2015.

2016 was overall a successful year for CTM, and we will continue in our efforts to increase these numbers in 2017, working together with our partners, clients and stakeholders always Going Forward Together.


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